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The Living Border

We live our skin as our external material boundary, thus through this we are in contact with the outside world, we touch each other, we show ourselves by the skin to others. We cant change our own skin cant hide of what it is.

Skin flaws can greatly affect the appearance so the way how  others judge and see us.

On the photos  I show   people, who feel comfortable in their skin. They live with two types of skin flaw  affecting millions of people  freckles and  vitiligo. Freckles can be adored or resented. Many want to get rid of them, others consider them charming and sexy. Willy-nilly, unfortunately there is no third option: we either have them or not. In early childhood we are definitely on one out of the two sides and by wearing them and accepting them we will step out of neutrality.

Vitiligo is still  white blind spot  in medicine. Caused by  a disruption in the functioning of the pigment cells the true cause and therapy for is still unknown.

The shots were taken partially with a wet plate collodion process and with dry gelatin glass technique with  large format camera.

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