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The photo from its very appearance pushing the notional limits of space time reality virtuality truth false. The photo by determining  a time and space   provides the illusion of reality thus frames it into a 2 dimension entity. The improvements of digital technology brought a turning point  and an upset in the belief of “the subject was there”. The artificial digital imaging technologies can bring unreal  wrath realities to life.  The thoughtful ideas of Roland Barthes on the truth and indisputable accurate authenticity seems to be shaken in our visual world. In one hand with big and even larger cameras photos are taken in studios and outside while on the other hand pictures are taken of real existing (internet, google, archaic glass layers, accidentally found glass negatives) or virtual   “performers”, landscapes scenes (video games). In the latter case the proper the technical line up is digital shoot- sheet film – uv enlarging – plate of wet plate collodion is the proper technical sequence. Considering the outcome each and every take is unique and unrepeatable wet plate collodion or silver gelatine dry plate.  Examining by taking a step back on the plates the borders of reality and virtuality are blurred for the viewer in the lack of antecedent only the given photos are provided. Stepping a bit closer the shots giving away the telltale small bits.

Inspired by Gábor Kerekes  http://w3.enternet.hu/kgj/fly%20off.htm

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