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The Winter’s Tale

The photos within the project – as so many times within its history- are venturing  upon seizing the time and moment. Time now and then slowly drifts by or slips away swiftly creates and destroys and its getting more and more crucial as life goes by. Fate, undoableness, unreplicability. The photos have been taken with wet plate collodion technique on clean glass exploiting the unique distinctiveness of the method, the plasticity and coupling capabilities of the material  and the direct contact with the chemicals. The plates by technical terms are photograms chemograms and colleages in one.

Coloured digitalis scans are made immediately after the wet plates dried in which the original plant parts are preserved in their natural form.  With time the plates are continuously and gradually changing the plant parts are contracting withering in fractures peeling. Fundamental forms structures still recognisable but comparing to the original the sight is altered and changed.


-huge format giclée print from the  scanned raw digital data.

-next to them the original plates which are undergoing on a slow but content alteration.

Glass plate of sizes: smallest 12*16 cm, biggest 25*30 cm

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